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An all-round specialist for your projects:

Since 1990 I am working in the Information Technology business (formerly: EDP): Operator IBM datacenter, network supporter MS-Windows, Linux specialist, training supervisor IT professionals, webserver application support and programming.

My experience for your projects and systems - in german, english, french and spanish.

Systems design
project monitoring

Requirements analysis, systems design consulting, component selection, ordering and approval of contracting services, system documentation and training

database design
data transformation

Data export and import for update, data transformation to other formats, reporting, logical backups, Postgresql functions, triggers, performance ...

systems support and security

LAN management, server management - esp. linux, automation of operating procedures, fault tolerance, firewall setup and monitoring

Webserver applications

Server management (updates, security, firewall, e-mail server, monitoring), CMS (content management systems), CRM (customer relationship systems), software development